Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mnemonic for 1 mile = 1.6093 km

If you live in Europe, you'll be annoyed with the usage of the mile in American texts. This article explains a mnemonic to remember the value of a mile:
1 mile = 1.6093 km
or 1 mile = 1609.3 m.


How to remember? Use the major system. Remember the keyword:

Tag spam

Make the following association. You hate receiving emails where miles are used instead of kilometers. So, you set up your spam software that when you see the word MILE -> TAG SPAM!

Using the mnemonic major system on the consonants:
  • T -> 1
  • G -> 6
  • S -> 0
  • P -> 9
  • M -> 3

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Mnemonic for 1492, discovery America by Columbus

Columbus discovered America in 1492. You can memorize this year 1492 by using the major system with the following keyword:


Imagine in your head that the ship of Columbus is powered with a HUGE turbine that makes a lot of noise, which irritates Columbus a lot. Make this picture as memorable as possible. We would like to build a long-lasting association with Columbus. Now use the major system:

  • T -> 1
  • R -> 4
  • B -> 9
  • N -> 2
and we will never forget that Columbus discovered America in 1492, as long as you don't forget the association.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Birth date of Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif is one of my favorite actresses. I love having a wallpapers of Katrina Kaif.

Here is an easy mnemonic to memorize her birth date: 16 July 1984. We'll use the major system again. It is sufficient to associate Katrina Kaif to the following words:
Act good behaviour
Using the mnemonic major system:
  • C -> 7
  • T -> 1
  • G -> 6
  • D ->1
  • B -> 9
  • V ->8
  • R ->4
There it is, the birth date appears.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mnemonic: convert miles to kilometers

One mile equals 1609 metres or 1.609 kilometers. How can you remember this?

Let's use the mnemonic major system.  Associat the mile-kilometer conversion with some conversion in units of heights. Then think of the following sentence:

What goes up...

Using the major system, we retrieve the value 1609. Make a strong association with this sentence and you will never ever forget the miles to meters conversion rate.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mnemonic for the Astronomical unit AU 92955807 miles (Earth Sun distance)

Recently we talked about a mnemonic for the Astronomical unit in kilometers. The astronomical unit, commonly abbreviated as AU, is the average distance from the Earth to the Sun.
Let's now learn a mnemonic for the Astronomical unit in miles. Its value: 92955807 miles.
Yet again, let's make use of the mnemonic major system. This system helps you to remember a long number by retaining a keyword and by mapping the consonants to digits.

For the Astronomical unit in miles, let's remember the following keyword:
Pinball Fiasco
P = 9; N = 2; ... On the following link you will find more information on how to use the major system.

Use mnemonic association to link this keyword to the Astonomical unit. For example, think of the Sun and the Earth as two huge pinballs and think that something went wrong. A good mnemonic association is visual, funny and unreal.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Mnemonic for the AU distance Astronomical unit 149597870 km

The astronomical unit, commonly abbreviated as AU, is the average distance from the Earth to the Sun. The value: 149597870 kilometers. How can we memorize such a large number as the AU?

As commonly used in this number mnemonics blog, let's use the mnemonic major system. All we need to do is find a keyword that matches 149597870, the astronomical unit, which can be quite hard, unless you use a mnemonic generator for numbers.

Let's start from the following word: Pacific Asia, a very large region near to the Western Pacific Ocean. But the UA is not just a large number, the Astronomical Unit is a huge distance, so let's triple this.
Triple Pacific Asia

Yes, we have a perfect match for the Astronomical Unit AU according to the mnemonic major system!

  • T - 1 (1 downstroke)
  • R - 4 (fouR)
  • P - 9 (mirror image of P)
  • L - 5 (L is 50 in Latin)
  • etc...
See mnemonic major system for the full mapping list.

If you like number mnemonics in astronomy you could also check out this mnemonic for the lunar distance and  this mnemonic for the big bang.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Death of Osama Bin Laden

How can you memorize the date of Osama Bin Laden? Easy, let's say that he is insulted. Simply use the mnemonic major system and you find back the date!


Syllable per syllable:
  • In -> 2
  • sul -> 05
  • ted -> 11
To we obtain 2 May 2011. You won't forget this date anymore with this mnemonic.